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Ukiah Car Guys have always worked with a vision to serve the community through healthy and sustainable community-building activities and sponsoring sports events.

Giving back to the communities we serve is an integral part of the Ukiah Car Guys ethos, whether via charitable sponsorship or mobilizing our employees for volunteer opportunities; we are sponsoring various community service projects in Ukiah, Ca. 

Our family values of Friendly, Helpful, Honesty, and Fairness are at the heart of all we do, whether we’re selling a vehicle to a client, taking care of their servicing requirements, or giving back to the community via volunteer and charity work.

We were the sponsor for the 2021 Willits Frontier Days Concert. The Willits Frontier Days Concert was proposed by Willits Development Association to sponsor a community activity to collect cash for the construction of a much-needed hospital in 1926. Despite the fact that the primary goal of the concert was to raise funds for hospital building, the American Legion chose to proceed with its preparations for the event.

The event was a huge success, and the American Legion operated it until 1932, when the Willits Volunteer Fire Department took over. In order to upgrade the rodeo grounds in the future, the fire department borrowed money by having individual volunteer firemen sign promissory notes.

When a group of local businessmen and ranchers took over the reins of the celebration in 1950, the Willits Frontier Days Association was founded and incorporated. Willits Frontier Days has been running continuously since 1926.

Willits Frontier Days, a non-profit organization, continues to function as it did in the beginning, with no individual or group receiving any compensation. Residents and clubs collaborate to put on the events and select how to allocate the revenues from each performance to benefit our community. Ukiah Car Guys came forward with a mission to serve the community in 2021 and sponsored the Willits Frontier Days Concert.

We at Ukiah Car Guys encourage the youth through sponsoring sports activities like a recreational basketball league for boys and girls in grades K-12. This non-competitive league is intended to encourage participation and the development of basketball abilities while teaching youngsters to respect others, exercise sportsmanship, and accept both winning and losing graciously. The league is purely recreational, and no league rankings are maintained (except for high school).

The Ukiah Car Guys team is also sponsoring the 2022 Pomolita Middle School Wrestling League. These wrestling events are intended to encourage the youth in taking part in healthy activities. 

Our vision at Ukiah Car Guys is to provide a fresh, powerful vision for growth, as well as an equally strong commitment to values, and we believe you will notice some new, positive changes in the coming months.

You can come to our office or connect with us through call or email to know more about our community service projects and our services.
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